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Antero CycloCross as reviewed by Ohio Outside -

DEAN Animas ExoGrid Custom....... SRAM Red outfitted with ROL Carbon wheelset.


" We designed this bike as an attempt to fully utilize titanium's material properties and ride qualities in a new suspension platform.  Most ti suspension bikes mimic standard linkages found on carbon bikes and can be too flexy or too heavy.   This design lets us utilize titanium's smooth and quiet ride in a long travel bike that is competitive in terms of weight and stiffness to other materials.
The bike was built for all mountain/enduro riding/racing.  I come from that kind of background and there really isn't much in the way of hand built long travel frames. 
We used grade 9 seamless cold worked stress relived 3/2.5 tubing throughout the frame, the plate chainstays are waterjet cut from 1/4" thick 6/4 titanium plate.  All of the tubing diameters and wall thicknesses were chosen for strength and stiffness first, weight second.
The geometry is pretty standard modern enduro, customized for my fit and riding style.  27.5 wheels, 150mm travel front and rear, 66.5 head angle, 74 seat angle, 437mm chainstays, 345mm bb height.  We offset the seat tube forward on the bb to put the rider's center of gravity more forward for climbing and further aft for descending out of the saddle.  This bike had a 635mm effective tt, 520mm seat tube c-t, 130mm ht.
The new design uses 1/4" thick titanium plate chainstays as the lower link in a four bar system. This makes the rear triangle extremely stiff laterally.  The bike is constructed much like a simple single pivot, but the vertical chainstay flex lets us dial in our shock rate, anti-squat, and axle path as if it were a much more complicated linkage. The chainstays want to spring open under pedaling forces, making for an extremely efficient climbing bike with loads of traction.  This let us dial in our shock rate for an extremely smooth, open feeling ride downhill that is extremely responsive to rider inputs.
The bike is designed for 1x drivetrains only, first so we can more accurately control the way the suspension reacts to pedaling forces and second to make the strongest, stiffest main pivot possible using the room above the bb that would be taken up by chainrings and a front derailer.  An added benefit of the low plate chainstays is that chain slap is a complete non issue.  We didn't feel the need for an iscg tab on the prototype but we will probably offer one as an option.  
We built it with a standard threaded bottom bracket for ease of service and durability.  It uses a 12x142 rear axle.
This is our first prototype of the new design, we will be testing it and building more prototypes throughout the summer.  We hope to offer a version for sale by 2016, but we will take as long as needed until we are completely satisfied with the frame's performance and durability.  
The frame will probably be in the $3500-$3800 range including a DBInline shock.  All of these frames will be hand built to order, one at a time in our Boulder, CO shop.  We will definitely offer limited custom geometry (tt length, st length, ht length, head angle, maybe more).  A final version of the frame would includ more refined cnc pivot hardware instead of the hand machined parts shown on the prototype.  For now we are only planning on a 27.5, 150mm travel design.  If this is successful and we see demand for other wheel sizes and travels we will look into these options later.
We are exploring the idea of custom suspension geometry, slightly tweaking pivot locations if a rider wants more or less anti squat,  a more falling rate, linear, or even rising shock rate to match their riding style.  This will present plenty of challenges so we're not sure if we'll offer it but it would be exciting if we could.
This XL prototype frame weighed 7.5 pounds with the DBInline.  This measured only 1/2 pound heaver than a popular top of the line carbon frame we weighed in the same size.  We're pretty happy with this, considering titanium's durability and smoother, quieter ride.  We might shave a few ounces off the final version and obviously a smaller frame would weigh less.  Full bike as photographed with pedals weighed a little under 29 pounds. "


DEAN Single Speed w/ Belt Drive and beautiful paint laid down by Spectrum Powder Works.


New ride for Mr. Walker..... DEAN ACE Fs w/ concentric bb pivot


New for 2015 .... DEAN introduces the Antero CycloCross. Hand build by our partners in Asia the Antero Cross is a great value bike/frame that comes with a ton of great features. Check out all the details the Antero has to offer - click here for more info.


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DEAN Colonel Lt getting ready to ship....... Outfitted with SRAM 1x11, Titanium fittings and FOX fork.

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DEAN Colonel going out.... Shimano XTR w/ Alchemist wheels, German-a Criterion suspension fork and Brake Force One Brakes.

NAHBS Prototype Enduro.... As described by master frame builder and DEAN employee Ian Gowing.

Andre's ride ...... DEAN Colonel 29r putfitted with SRAM 1x11, Titanium fittings and DEAN Titanium fork.