To get your name on the build list we do require a deposit of $500.00. Once we've receive your deposit we will work with you on the design to ensure that your new bike will be just as you have planned.

If you'd like to order a stock frame or bike click here for our order form.

If you'd like to order components click here for our order form:

You can email the completed order form/s to info@deanbikes.com or ari@deanbikes.com

To getting started on on a custom frame design.... download our fit sheet, fill out completely and email it our way.

Once we've received your fit sheet a drawing will be emailed to you within two to five days.

Once we've completed the design and verified all the specification we'll book it onto our production calendar.  Depending on the time of year and work load please allow two to three months of production time.

Next onto production for which you'll be contacted that the build process has begun.

If you have questions feel free to give us a call  (303)-530-3091 or shoot us an email info@deanbikes.com