Hey gang!

In a two day blur of driving and almost no sleep, I got the van home in a state of disbelief. VanDOIt has exceeded all and any expectations. The rig is so nice, it is indescribable, and I am in awe and amazed that all of this transpired. 

Attached are images of the van in the VanDOIt production facility and one shot after I got home this morning after driving through the night to make my daughter's kindergarten graduation. Fabulous and serendipitous color magic happened with the wrap. My logo color scheme revolves around alpenglow, one of the few things that make me stop in my tracks and sit down. I mandated a grey main wrap color to hide dirt because I live miles down a dirt road and a lot of the places the van will go has the same. To everyone’s surprise, the wrap’s base color is grey in sunlight, but an exact match to the cotton candy/lilac/purple I perceive as alpenglow. You can spot this in the images; what a pleasant surprise. 

I think the team nailed the wrap!

I will leave on Sunday for a week-long road trip to take my family to Disneyworld and attend a conference to make sure everything in the van functions as designed before venturing into more remote locations. The van is a VanDOIt Do model and was still in final development stages at the time of my build. Certain items, like the remote stereo set up, subwoofer, water heater pod, and double stage full bed platform, were first run items on this build. I am stoked to be able to be a part of this company’s forward-thinking product development process. 

The van will start making rounds starting June 4th; first at the climbing gyms where I coach and train and at the local crags and deep water soloing venues. If you are participating with product samples, use, or displays, please have them shipped to the address below on or after June 4th. Please do not ship before this date as I live in the woods and the product will sit in elements until I return.

Thanks so much for your participation; I am still pinching myself that this is all going down.