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Made in Boulder, CO since 1989

Hand-crafted Titanium Bicycles 

Mountain Bikes

Discover new trails with Dean's array of mountain bikes, from hardtail to softail to full-suspension with options unlimited. 

 Gravel Bikes

Realize new gains, from cyclocross racing to gravel roads, from professional competition to solitary adventures.

Travel Bikes

Explore new roads with Dean's travel bikes, custom built with the best coupling systems for unsurpassed performance.

Road Bikes

Appreciate the lightest, strongest, and most reliable titanium bicycle, and experience truly exceptional ride quality. 


Custom Made


Custom options

Unique selections for every frame 

curved tubes

S&S Couplings

Pannier Racks

Dean Bikes offers a variety of options by which you can customize your handmade frame, from curved tubes to S & S couplings to pannier racks and more. For instance, if you decided to build your cold-worked stress-relieved 3/2.5 aerospace titanium bike with Shimano's Dura-Ace 2 (DI-2) component group, and wish to route the cables inside the frame via a jetvent, Dean Bikes is happy to accommodate your request.  


workshop tour


Showroom + WOrkshop

Visit the Boulder showroom and tour our workshop




3/2.5 Seamless

At Dean Bikes, we understand a titanium bicycle represents an investment, and encourage you to visit our Boulder, CO showroom, where you can tour our onsite workshop. We take great pride in our meticulous workmanship, and are pleased to offer a glimpse into the framebuilding process, detailing the engineering behind our frames, including the decision to use only the finest US made tubestes.